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IMG_2019Florida Photo Diary

We all had such a nice time, but I have to admit to being happy to get back to the snowy Maine weather. I also totally regret my decision not to bring my camera, I decided not to take it because it’s so big and would have been a hassle in the airport, but I would have gotten so many better pictures with it. (Read More)


Autumn In New England

We went for a day trip up the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, to soak up the beautiful Autumn scenery before all the leaves fall. The Kancamagus is in Northern New Hampshire and is one of the very best places to find Fall foliage in the country. It is a huge draw for tourism as we experienced, the roads wear busy and it was hard to find a place to park at all of the scenic overlooks. (Read More)


Wandering Quebec: Montmorency Falls

What an absolutely stunning place Chutes Montmorency is, the view from the footbridge was so breathtaking I hardly noticed the icy wind, there is something so fiercely beautiful about waterfalls in the winter. (Read More)



Wandering Quebec Part 2: Hotel De Glace

Hotel De Glace is truly one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been! It was one of the only things I know for sure I wanted to visit when we went to Quebec, but I had never seen any picture of the inside or really read that much about it, so I was completely blown away. (Read More)


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