May & June Empties Round-Up.

Empties Round-Ups are back!

I don’t know if you’ve missed them, but I definitely have.

I was just trying to remember when the last time a published an empties post was, and it’s been well over a year. It’s crazy how time flies. I’ve decided to start doing these again, as  I have been missing them. I have decided to start writing one up every two months, starting with today!


BATISTE Dry Shampoo Blush & Original

I know I have talked about this dry shampoo before, but I can’t live without it. It’s my favorite I have discovered so far, and I always have a bottle or two rolling around.DSC_0043


I found this a TJ Maxx ages ago and I absolutely loved it! I don’t think Elizabeth Arden makes this mask anymore, but I linked a few that look similar.DSC_0049

YEOUTH Day/Night Cream

This was sent to me to test out, and I was really impressed! I have been gifted a couple of Yeouth’s products before, but this one is definitely my favorite.DSC_0045

MARIO BADESCU Buttermilk Moisturizer

I really enjoyed this little moisturizer! It wasn’t a game changer, but it was quite nice. It has a very light feeling on the skin and would work great for someone with combination skin.DSC_0046DSC_0046

SUGAR RUSH Don’t Hate, Hydrate Moisturizer

Love, love, love the moisturizer! I picked it up in a mini back when Sugar Rush first launched, and have since bought a full sized. It is a great little oil-free moisturizer, very light and soaks right in.  I will be using it a lot as a day cream throughout the summer, as my skin tends to be a little oilier and don’t need as intense a moisturizer as I do in the cooler months.DSC_0039

THE ORDINARY 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

This oil is a necessity for me to keep in my skincare routine, I use it every single night! I love how soft it and nourished it makes my skin feel.DSC_0047

TARTE Maracuja Lip Scrub

I have had this for so long, I don’t think Tarte even sells this anymore. I loved how fresh and minty this was, it made my lips feel so nice. I have replaced it with the Mint Julips scrub from Lush.DSC_0044

PIXI Makeup Fixing Mist 

This mist is infused with rose water and green tea, so it smells incredible. This is a perfect setting spray for a soft, glowy finish, but remember to use it before putting on your mascara because it will make it run.DSC_0030

MAYBELLINE Super Stay  Foundation in 102 Fair Porcelain

It’s been a while since I used this foundation, but I did like it pretty well. It isn’t a game changer by any means, but it is quite nice. I found it to be a medium-full coverage, and the shade matched my skin tone quite well.DSC_0034

MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Ivory

This one is kind of a meh product for me, I didn’t have any big problems with it, it just didn’t wow me. It is very light coverage and has an easy to use a sponge applicator. As I don’t really have any discoloration to cover, I didn’t find this to be useful for me, but if you have dark circles or more mature skin this might work better for you.DSC_0038

MAYBELLINE Fit Me! Loose Finishing Powder in 05 Fair

I’m very loyal to my Coty Airspun, but I picked this up when I didn’t have access to my usual, and it’s a good little powder. I would definitely consider picking this up again to have for a change.DSC_0032

DIOR IT-Lash Mascara

I kept this around way too long because it made me feel fancy, but it eventually dried out. I couldn’t find this exact mascara anywhere so I think it has been discontinued, which is a shame because I really liked it.DSC_0035

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Lauren(matte black)

I only ever used this liner in my waterline, both on the top and bottom because it never smudged. This is a gel liner so it applies so easily and smoothly.

I don’t know if I would get this exact one again as it’s kinda pricy,  but I will definitely be picking up a gel liner like it soon.DSC_0033DSC_0033

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul

These lip creams are such a happy medium between a liquid lipstick and a classic matte lipstick, with the look of liquid and the comfort of classic.  This particular shade is a perfect cheery pink for summer.





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