Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review

It’s finally here!

I bought this palette along with the Soph X lipsticks the week after they were released but unfortunately, the palette arrived damaged. Thankfully Revolution Beauty has great customer service and we had it sorted out in no time, that did, however, mean I had to wait before I could review this pretty little palette.DSC_0083

I have a couple other palettes for Revolution and the quality is so good and you can’t beat the price, this palette is $15.00.

As always let start with the packaging! I love the sleek simplicity it has while being jazzed up a bit by the mirrored rose gold lid. When you open it up there is a mirror the full size of the lid, eighteen shadows all individually labeled. There are eighteen shadows in the palette twelve mattes, and six shimmers.DSC_0234

I am quite impressed with the matte shadows, often times the color payoff of the mattes especially the lighter colors can be a little sheer, but the pigmentation of these is really good, one swipe and you have definite color. The shimmers are so stunning, soft and apply beautifully.


Swatched right to left:

Everyday: Champagne shimmer with a hint of pink.

Running Late: Carrot orange matte shade.

Infinity: A stunning silver blue shimmer.

Cheesecake: A warm red-brown matte.

Cookie Dough: Light brown matte. The perfect transition shade.

Dreams: Light bronze shimmer.


Vitamin C: Pale yellow matte.

Sweet N Sour: pumpkin orange matte.

Twenty One: Bright Cerise pink matte.

Romance: Burgundy shimmer with a pink shift.

Enchanted: Deep wine purple.

Lakes: Olive green matte.


Brownies: Dark matte brown.

Chocolate Orange: Orange toned light brown matte.

Mulled Wine: Red-violet matte.

LA Sun: Golden yellow shimmer.

Aurora: Olive green with gold shimmer.

Reputation: Charcoal black matte.

While some of the shades in this palette I don’t know if I’ll get a lot of use out of, I have discovered that I actually really do like the yellow shades which I didn’t think I would. My only real problem with this palette is that there isn’t a light base shade, like a cream or white, I always use a base shadow so I do need to get on from another palette. This isn’t a big problem just more of an inconvenience, I feel like every palette should have one.

Other than that I absolutely love this palette! The quality of the shadow and the diverse color have made it really fun to play with, I have been loving experimenting with different combinations.

Have you tried this palette? What did you think?

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