Since I found two Cargo mascaras that I absolutely loved(here), I have been keeping an eye out for more Cargo products. I found this palette at TJ Maxx last week for $9.99, having done a good bit of browsing on Cargos website I know that this palette was originally $34, so picking it up to try out was a no-brainer



Let’s start out by talking about the packaging!

The box the palette comes in looks exactly like the palette itself, except on the back it talks about have the shadow are set up in three quads, and six duos, designed to help achieve a variety of different looks.

The palette its self is designed to be travel-friendly, and I can see that in the variety of looks you can get out of it and also the sturdy packaging. It is made out of a sturdy cardboard, and the lid wraps around the edge of the palette and is held secure magnetically.


There are twelve shadows in the palette, five mattes and seven shimmers, they are all muted neutral shades.

Discover: creamy white matte.

Wander: Champagne shimmer.

Travel: Pearly off-white shimmer.

Festival: Light grey-green matte.

Light: Icy silver blue shimmer.

Navigate: Cool, light mauve.

Explore: Slightly peachy tan matte.

Curious: Mauve Shimmer.

Voyage: Medium brown matte.

Roam: Deep, forest green shimmer.

Desire: Dark grey shimmer.

Dream: Dark purple shimmer, with flecks of glitter.


Right to Left Discover/Wander/Travel/Festivel/Light/Navigate/Explore/Curious/Voyage/Roam/Desire/Dream.

The colors in are for the most part ones that I will use, maybe with the exception of Roam,  Dream, and Festival,  as they are colors I usually avoid.

Unfortunately, I’m not as in love with this palette as I wanted to be or originally thought I would be, don’t get me wrong, I really do like it and I know I will get a ton of use out of it, but I do have a couple little complaints. There is some inconsistency in the pigmentation of shadows, the light shimmers are all gorgeous but the darker shimmers look a bit more satin. The mattes are also a little bit powdery, not a huge problem but you should expect a little fallout when you do your eye makeup.

Final Thoughts:

The packaging is stunning! It actually makes me think of a Thomes Kinkade painting the way the little dots seem to be radiating actually light, making it feel warm, bright, and special.

I do really enjoy this palette and I know I will get a lot of use out of it, and for the $9.99 I spent on it, I definitely think it was a steal. That being said, I don’t I could justify paying $34 for it, for a few more dollars you could get something from Tarte or even Too Faced. So, if you find this in TJ Maxx I think it’s worth picking up, but I wouldn’t go and pay full price for it.

9 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette

  1. There were three or four at mine that were either broken or swatched, I was so happy that this one as unopened.


  2. Wow these swatches looks amazing! And the packaging is so lovely 💗

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  3. Great post! The colours look incredible! So many different eye looks you could create with this palette.

    Laura x

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  4. Des says:

    TJMaxx coming through with the steals! They look quite pigmented and you’re right, definitely could get some good use out of it. Cute post!

    xx, Des

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  5. justnatonya says:

    Thanks for the heads up because yes the shadows are pretty but if the application is meh, I’m glad to know. My sister and I were just discussing eyeshadow palettes and this a brand I can warn her about since she is makeup fanatic. I will let her know it’s best to go ahead and buy the Two-Faced one. So helpful.

    Natonya |

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    1. I’m glad this was helpful!
      I would also recommend Revolution Beauty for inexpensive and great quality eyeshadow., but if she wants to splurge she can’t go wrong with Too Faced.

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      1. justnatonya says:

        ok I will let her know because the other day we were checking the brand out in ULTA and she asked me if Revolution Beauty was good. I will let her know, you think it’s great. Thanks Anna!


  6. lyndseyfitzgerald says:

    Wow that packaging! I love reading your reviews they are so honest 💕

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  7. willowmay20 says:

    The packaging is amazing! I love it. And all those colours, could create some great colour combos with it. Great review.


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