Walmart Beauty Favorites Box #2: Glow For It!

I found these boxes on clearence in Walmart and promptly did a poll to see if you wanted to see them reviewd toghether of seperatly. The poll came out fifty -fifty so I dcided to do it seperatly.

I reviewed one of the other Walmart Beauty Favorites boxes on Saturday(here) That ones were all about eyes, today’s box is all about glow!

DSC_0319DSC_0322FOUND Coconut Sheet Mask $2.50

I used this the other night and I was really happy with it. I have mixed feelings about sheet masks in general, this one is distinctly on the better side. The sheet its self is very thin and soft, and it fit my face pretty well. It was still a little weird around my nose, but I haven’t found a  sheet mask that wasn’t

My skin felt so nice and refreshed after the twenty minutes and it definitely left a dewy glow.


COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter in Sundown $8.94

I’m not actually sure how I feel about this product yet, I love the idea of it and there is no denying it’s a beautiful highlighter, I’m just not a big fan of cream products.

Like I said this is a beautiful highlighter, but the color is a little off for me to use on the normal places I would typically use a highlighter. The texture in the tube is really bouncy and soft, one on its cream and blends beautifully. I think I will use this more as a cream eyeshadow, it works really well for that and is super quick and easy to pop on the lid and blend out.


HARD CANDY Rose Gold Highlighter $8.00

I couldn’t actually find this online, so I think it might have been revamped it into the Just Glow Illuminating Duo, so that’s where I took the price from.

Overall this is a decent little highlighter, but I was expecting a little more shine from it. It is a pretty champagne pink, the formula is a little dusty and it isn’t a strong highlight but it does have a nice little glow.


WET N WILD MegaGlow Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals $4.99

All the reviews aren’t wrong! This is a gorgeous highlighter.

This was what made me want to get the box in the first place, having heard so many great things about this highlighter I finally decided I needed it. It is a stunning champagne pink, the formula is soft and pigmented.


MILANI Make It Dewy Setting Spray $10.00  

This seems to be a good little setting spray, it is supposed to “prime, set, and hydrate while also giving you a brightness boost”.

The whole dewy makeup thing is something I’m still trying to get the hang of,  so I don’t know if I’m the best judge. I really like how soft and light the spray is, it feels like a refreshing mist, and it makes my face look fresh and glowy.

Final Thoughts.

This box was originally $10, and I got it on clearance for $5, and it claims to be valued over $24. After adding up the prices of each individual item the total value came out to be $34.43, so even though I wasn’t crazy about the Hard Candy highlighter I still feel like I got a lot more than my money worth.

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5 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Favorites Box #2: Glow For It!

  1. Wow, I had no idea Walmart had boxes. The items look very interesting and I would try all of them! I love a good sheet mask! If you’re still interested in the dewy look, I definitely recommend MARIO BADESCU’S FACIAL SPRAY. I use it religiously, especially after I’ve finished my make up and I’ve gotten quite the compliments.

    xx, Des


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