Walmart Beauty Favorites Box #1: Time For Eyes

I was perusing the beauty section of my local Walmart when I came across these Walmart Beauty Favorites Boxes on clearance for $5.00. There were three boxes, one for eyes, one for lips and one for face. I only picked up two, eyes and face. I went back yesterday to get the one for lips but all of the boxes were sold out.

I did a poll to see if I should review these boxes together or separately and to the verdict was exactly fifty-fifty so I decided to do them separately.


Today it’s Time For Eyes!

This box contains sixes products, all for your eyes, so without farther ado, let’s get started.


DSC_0431COVERGIRL TruNaked Nudes Palette $9.98

This palette feels very familiar I feel like I have had it or one very similar to it before. It has eight shadows.

Buff: Is a cream shade that is slightly pearly finish.

Shell: This is the same cream shade as Buff but it’s matte

Champagne: Is my favorite in the palette, it is a lovely champagne pink shimmer.

Fawn: I used shadows this color all the time, they are my go-to crease color. It is a light cool-toned brown.

Mink: This is a really pretty shimmery taupe shadow, it is definitely my second favorite.

Cocoa:  A nice basic dark brown matte.

Coffee: This is a very warm dark brown shimmer.

Sable: A basic matte black.

While I love the colors in this palette the shadows are quite powdery, and there is quite a bit of fallout.

DSC_0425DSC_0424ALMAY Shadow Squad in Cause A Stir $4.99

I was a little confused by this at first, but after looking online I found that it is meant to be one shadow with four different finishes, matte, satin, metallic, and glitter.

I haven’t used these on my eyes yet, but just from swatching, I’m not very impressed. After watching them I could see differences between the matte and the glitter, but the metallic and the satin looked pretty indistinguishable, and they are not very pigmented at all even after really rubbing my finger in them.


MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Sleek Onyx $7.99

I’m a liquid liner kinda gal, so I don’t think I will be using this a ton, but it does seem to be a good little liner. It glides on beautifully and is a very intense black.DSC_0462

L’OREAL Lash Paradise Mascara $8.97

This mascara was the reason I wanted to get this box in the first place, I have heard so many great things about it and was looking for it when I found these boxes.

I really like the shape of the wand I find it really easy to use, and it catches the lashes better. after one coat, my lashes looked longer and more upturned, and with two they are full and fluttery but not clumpy or spidery.

What it didn’t know is that there are three versions of this mascara, the classic, the waterproof, and the washable, this is washable. The washable means that it is designed to be easy to remove with just water, which means it isn’t good for people who have watery eyes, which is me. Now that I know I like this mascara I will definitely look for the classic version so I don’t have to worry about it running.DSC_0470

E.L.F Essential Brow Wax Pencil $2.00

I like a lot of ELF’s products but I really don’t like this. I tried using it over brow product like I normally would and smudged my brows quite a bit. I tried it again just to neaten up my natural brows and it was really tacky and flattened out my brow hairs.DSC_0420

KISS Lashes in Little Black Dress $5.99

First off I was a little disappointed that these didn’t come with a lash glue, so I had to go and buy some so I could try them out. I have only worn false lashes once before and they were not good quality so I didn’t bother trying any others, but I was really impressed with these.

These lashes look pretty natural and blend in with my lashes, and they were surprisingly easy to apply I did cut them so so they look more seamless. I still don’t think I will start wearing falsies regularly, but I will be holding on to these for a special occasion.

Final Thoughts.

This box was original $10 and claims to be valued over $37, and after doing a little research and a little bit of math I found that it is worth $39.92. Even though there are a couple of products that didn’t work for me I definitely worth the $5 I spent on it.

Part two of Walmart Beauty Favorites Box will be up on Monday, so be sure to keep an eye out, it has some awesome highlighters in it.

Have you tried any of these products?


2 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Favorites Box #1: Time For Eyes

  1. Shame that not all the products were great but like you said for $5 it’s a good deal for the bits that you did like. Looking forward to reading your other review 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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