Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation

I believe this foundation has been around for awhile but I have only just started to hear things about it, and as my serum foundation from The Ordinary is almost gone it seemed like the perfect time to try it out.

Wet N Wild is another brand that I haven’t gotten around to trying products from, I feel like I might have used a nail polish from them ages ago but I don’t really remember.


This foundation is $5.99 and come is twenty shade. After poking around some online reviews on various places, one of the only consistent negative things about it is the limited shade range. Twenty shades don’t seem that limited but when looking at them all together I did notice that the majority of them are on the fairer side and there are only three that might work for darker skin tones. Also, I believe that the darker shades are only available online.

I went for Porcelain which is the lightest shade they have, and it works perfectly for me.

This foundation claims to be a “your skin, only better” skin perfecting, lightweight, light defusing, and camera ready.

  • High-performing, breakthrough formula
  • Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos
  • Tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash

As far as how this works for photos I don’t really know, I haven’t taken many pictures of my face since starting to use this, but I have had a lot of good makeup days.


This has a light coverage that is buildable to a medium, the coverage looks very natural on the skin and feels light and comfortable. As far as flawless goes, it evens out my skin, canceling out any redness, and hiding my pores, leave it looks like you have better skin, but not like you are wearing a lot of foundation. When I’m home I only use a concealer on any major spots I might have and that’s enough, but for a flawless finish, I still will go for a spot concealer and an undereye concealer.

So not really flawless on its own, but it does create a lovely base that the rest of my makeup applies beautifully over.


If you haven’t used this foundation yet I’d say it’s a must try, you can’t really go wrong for $5.99. I can definitely see this being a foundation I go back to and repurchasing.


4 thoughts on “Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation

  1. I was actually just looking for a foundation to try! You say that it’s not that thick and quite a light coverage- would you say that it’s value for money in terms of coverage? As often I find that if the foundation is light then I need to put on quite a lot before I feel 100% covered.


    1. I think for what I look for in a foundation it is definitely worth the money. I think it does a good job at covering my scaring and redness. I do still use a concealer for under my eyes and any active breakouts.


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