Cargo Cosmetics Star Wars Mascaras

I’ve never really been interested when makeup companies come out with movie-themed collections, even for movies I have enjoyed, it’s just never interested me. Something about these really intrigued me when I found them in TJ Maxx, my first thought was “wait really?”,  and my second was that I had to get them.

Cargo is a brand I have been aware for a couple of years but I’ve never gotten around to trying out. If I’m going to spend a good amount of money on a product, it’s going to be one that I’ve seen other bloggers talk about so brands like Cargo take a back seat.


One of the things that intrigued me was the fact that I didn’t know that there was a Star Wars makeup collection, I thought I would have heard something about it by now. In the past, I had heard so many people talking about Lorac’s Beauty & The Beast collection, and their Pirates Of The Caribbean collection, and whenever MAC comes out with a Disney collection it’s always a big deal. So why hadn’t I heard anything about Cargo’s?

From the boxes, I decided these must have come out around the same time as The Last Jedi and after a little bit of poking around on Instagram, I found that they were released on November 22.


Enough with my ramblings!

I have mentioned before how particular I am about mascaras, I have tried a lot of different ones and there are maybe three that I would go back to and buy again. So I bought these more out of curiosity and had fairly low expectations.

I’m a huge fan of the packaging of these, not so much the boxes, but I really like the bold yet simple black and gold.


First Order Volumizing Mascara

“The high performance intense black mascara creates gorgeous lashes that look thicker and multi-dimensional in one stroke so you will be ready to rule the galaxy ”

This mascara has a medium tapered cone-shaped wand, not the wand style that I usually prefer. Usually, this shape is a little more awkward for me to use and I tend to make more mistakes with it.

As long as I’m extra when applying I have found this to be a really great mascara, it definitely adds volume and it does add a bit of length as well.  I have been wearing it every other day for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t notest any smudging, I have noticed a few flakes here and there after a few hours of wear.

So, my only problems with this mascara are, that it flakes a little with I counteract by using a lash primer and that it looks slightly messy after two coats.


The Resistance Lengthening  Mascara

“This lengthening mascara contains coconut oil and special lifting polymers to ensure your lashes are as bold as the Resistance!”

The wand on this one is more of the classic mascara wand, it is wide in the middle and slightly thinner on both ends. I find this style of a wand to be easier to use neatly, which is important as I’m bad at applying it at the best of times.

This one gives a neater finish, while still giving lots of lengths, it also gives a surprising amount of volume as well. I love the fluttery look this one gives my lashes, and that the look is a bit more polished. This one has a little bit or flaking as well, but again, I haven’t noticed any smudging, so the flakes can be easily brushed away.

 Final Thoughts:

After using both of these mascaras I started to wonder if the only difference between them was the packaging and the wand, but while comparing ingredients I discovered that while they both have some ingredients in common there are quite a few that are specific to each one.

Overall I am hugely impressed with both of these mascaras, and I think I would consider paying full price for them in the future. I found these at TJ Maxx for $3.99 each and the retail price is $20.00 each.

There are also corresponding eyeshadow palettes to go with each mascara, The Dark Side, and The LightSide which I’m hoping show up at TJ Maxx as well.

If I had to pick a favorite between these two mascaras I guess it would have to be The Resistance as I prefer the wand style and the neater finish, but you really couldn’t go wrong with either of these.


4 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics Star Wars Mascaras

  1. I never heard of Cargo Cosmetics but I’m interested in the lengthening one because I like to make my lashes fuller and longer. Thanks for sharing this review, I’m glad I discovered a new brand to try!

    Natonya |

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