Rimmel London Lipstick Collection

The other day I was going through my lipstick and realized that Rimmel was the only brand that I seem to consistently buy. That’s probably because Rimmel just really know how to make lipstick whenever someone asks me to recommend a lipstick brand Rimmel is the first one I think of.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a little collection post, and go over all my Rimmel lip products.IMG_9575IMG_9582

Moisture Renew Lipstick 

Summer Angel 

0 This is a lovely shimmery nude. I have used this one a lot, it’s almost gone, in fact, I’m setting myself the goal of finishing it off this month.

Red Alert 

This is very bright red!

I don’t really wear this one because it tends to be messy and somehow ends up on my nose.


This is a pretty basic pink lipstick, I wore it a lot over the summer. It is cool toned with a touch of shimmer.


Longlasting Lipstick

Airy Fairy 

This is such a pretty light shimmery pink. I forgot how much I loved this, I think I’ll start wearing it more.


This one is pink, very pink and shimmery. I love this one for summer, and I had to repurchase this one because I left the original in a hotel in Wyoming(sad times)


I don’t wear red lipstick very often but when I do it’s usually this one. This one is a bright vintage red with a satin finish.


One of my go-to nudes, I actually have two of these for some strange reason. I used to wear this all the time, but I haven’t as much lately.

This is a beautiful cool toned nude.


Lasting Finish Lip Contouring Pencil

049 Natural 

A matte nude.

I got this to go with my cool toned nude lipsticks, but it turned out to be lighter than my natural lip color so I don’t actually use it.

021 Dynamite Red 

A very bright cool toned red.(photo doesn’t show the color properly)

I don’t wear this one very often so it will last me for a long long time, but it is a most when I wear red lipstick.

007 Rose Quartz 

A cool toned satin dusty rose shade.

This is my go-to lip liner, I have repurchased it many times and I have two of three little pencil stubs rolling around in my lipstick organizer. This is really close to my lips natural color and as I mainly wear nude lipstick this is the perfect liner for me.

Mauve Shimmer 

This one is very similar to Rose Quartz, it is a slightly darker warm toned dusty rose color.

To be honest, I thought this was Rose Quarts, it wasn’t until I started this post that I relived it wasn’t.


So there is my Rimmel lip collection!

What are your thoughts on Rimmel lip products? Have you tried any of these?


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