Fashion Picks from Fashionmia


I wanted to do was try to break out of my blogging shell a little this year, so when FashionMia got in touch with me it felt like the perfect way to ease into fashion.

I actually need to update my wardrobe and I have found a lot of inspiration on their site.

They have so many adorable cheap t-shirts it took me forever to pick out just a few for this post. They range from classy, to adorable, and me being me I went for the more dressy ones.


I love the style of this top, the lace pattern is so feminine and elegant, and the sleaves are so pretty. 


This one is so simple and pretty and again I love the sleeves.

IMG_9248-16-01-18-01-59 (1)

I actually have a shirt very similar to this one and I love it. It’s has a very classic casual look.

IMG_9240-16-01-18-01-59 (1)

This one is a lot like the last one, except I think it is a little more elegant and less casual. I like how the top layer crosses over a little in the front, I think this would be really flattering.


I love tops like this one because they can be dressed up or dressed down. I have a couple tops with ties like this in the front and I wear them all the time. 



Do I really need to say why I like this one? It’s so simple and elegant, I love the ruffles on the front. 

FashioneMia also has some adorable spring shift dresses. I pick out a couple what I would love to have in my wardrobe but there are a ton more, they definitely have something for everyone.


This dress is so cute! This would be a wardrobe staple for me, although it looks like it would be a little short on me. I love the white caller and the fact that it is an A-line.



Does this not look so comfortable? I could see myself wearing this one all the time. 


How adorable is this dress? I can totally see this with some denim leggings and some ankle boots.


This one is so cute and classic and I love the lace caller. The dress reminds me of one of my favorite dresses growing up, I wish it still fit me. 

Which item is your favorite? I think it’s a toss-up between the sweater dress and the grey top for me.



This is a sponsored post.

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