I have been talking quite a bit about this palette in various other posts, but now I’m finally getting around to doing a post just for it. This palette was pretty much designed for me, it has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades, and all of the shades are in the neutral family.

There are seven mattes and nine shimmer shadows in this palette, and there are all beautifully pigmented and I have not noticed much fallout from any of them.




Vice: Is a lovely shimmery pearl colored shadow.

Sway: This is a soft creamy matte shade.

Satisfy: This is a beautiful pink pearly shimmery champagne shadow.

Require: This one is a really pretty shimmery gold light gold shade.

Convert: A light matte tan shade.

The lighter shades don’t show up as well in the photos but they are quite nicely pigmented.



Treat/Habit/Persuade/Need/Crave/ Lust/


Treat: Dark matte brown, perfect for using in the crease.

Habit: A light gold shimmer shadow.

Persuade: Is a gorgeous copper shimmer.

Need: Another light matte tan but a cooler tone then Convert.

Crave: A very dark brown(almost black) Shimmer shadow with flecks of gold glitter.

Lust: Is a black shimmer with a touch of silver.

This row has my favorite shades in it, Habit and Persuade are just so gorgeous.




Reason: A soft blush pink, not quite matte, not quite shimmer.

Must: Matte orangy pink shade.

Maleficence: Is a rust brown matte shade.

Fancy: A shimmery dark dusty rose.

Appeal: Matte off-white shadow.

Fancy is my favorite shadow in this row, it’s perfect Holiday shade.

My overall thoughts on this palette are that I absolutely love it, the only problems I have with it is that I’m not crazy about the shade names, and I wish it smelled like chocolate.

Other than that this is a great little palette and for fifteen dollars it costs I don’t think you could go wrong.



9 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette

  1. I’ve been considering picking up one of these chocolate palettes, it was either going to be this one or the chocolate orange palette for me. So glad to hear the shadows work well, do they stay on for a decent amount of time for you?

    Janelle | http://thenellybean.com


    1. With my Too Faced eye primer they last all day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beautyfromkatie says:

    That gold is stunning! All of the swatches look beautiful x



  3. Fancy is my favourite shade of that row too, have to agree about the names and it smelling like chocolate would definitely be a plus. I do love that Persuade shade too though- I just painted my mirror a similar colour clearly I was craving this shadow before even knowing it!

    Jen xx


  4. This looks like a great palette, such wearable colours!


  5. This defintiely seems like my kind of palette – so many shades I’d use. I really like Habit and Persuade xx


  6. hannahthemaddog says:

    It’s such a bummer that it doesn’t smell like chocolate, otherwise I would’ve gotten this over the TF palettes! I love those 2 gold shades in the middle photo!

    Hannah the Mad Dog


  7. Anna says:

    What a great range of shades. Just what you want from a palette! xx


  8. Jamie says:

    This looks like such a gorgeous palette!

    I get what you mean about the names, they could have been a little more creative xx

    Jamie | http://www.jamies-corner.com


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