The Body Shop Wonderblur Primer

DSC_0080I picked up The Body Shop Wonder Blur Primer a couple of months ago. I had gone into The Body Shop in Freeport(nicest one ever, by the way) and asked what primer would be best for my skin type, and the girl recommended this one.

She gave me fair warning that this wasn’t like every other primer and that it had to warm up before you could put your makeup on.

After reading more about this product, I found out that it is supposed to be more of a skincare product than and makeup primer. You use this as the last step in your skincare routine right after your moisturizer.


This product has a very interesting texture, it is kind of crumbly so you need to be careful not to let some of it roll away from you. Then you have to rub it between your fingers to warm it up so that it applies properly.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found this to be the most effective primer, if you do apply it properly and give it enough time to warm up on your skin then any foundation you apply will simply ball up and wipe away.  If I apply it properly I haven’t found it to add much wear time to my makeup.

On the upside, I do really like to use this on no makeup days, it gives my skin a nice matte blurred look and makes it feel really soft.

Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop Wonderblur Primer

  1. I used to love The Body Shop’s old primer but they changed it a year or so ago to this consistency and I do struggle with it. I’m now loving the one by the ordinary as it’s similar to the original consistency.

    LOVE Freeport BTW, I go most weekends!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |


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