Redoing My Dresser

DSC_0057A couple of weeks ago I did a post talking a little about how I’m redoing my room and a lot of you said that you would like to see some of my projects along the way. So far the only actually work I have done is redoing my dresser and nightstand, but that was a big project, so I thought it would be fun to write up a little post to show you how my dresser looked before and how it looks now.


A couple of years ago I painted my dresser a dark blue-grey color, and the paint I used must not have been a very good quality one because the paint started to peel very soon after I have finished.


This, unfortunately, meant that I needed to scrape off the old paint before I could repaint it. This took me a good three or four hours between scraping the old paint off and sanding the whole dresser to make it an even surface, I had to do this to the drawers as well as the body of the dresser.


Once I got all of the loose paint off, I sanded it and wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust, after that it was finally time to start painting. I did two coats of a white primer, the one I used was designed to help hide any imperfections so it was perfect for this project as my scraping skills are very imperfect.

After applying the two coats of the primer, I finally got to add the color! I use a Valspar paint in the color tender Shell, it’s a beautiful light peachy pink color.


I ended up doing three coats of the paint on the whole dresser, but I’m so happy with how it looks now. I love the lighter color and now I wish I had repainted it sooner, the light pink makes it feel smaller which in turn makes my room feel bigger.

Well, that’s it for today’s post!


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