Autumn Nail Picks


Autumn is in the air and I couldn’t be happier.

Starbucks hasn’t started selling pumpkin spice lattes yet so I guess Fall isn’t officially here yet, but my fingers and toes are cold and I have been burning candles so that’s good enough for me.

I woke up the other day and I could feel the crisp cool air for the first time and my first thought was ” I can wear Fall colors now!” So I broke into the berry lipstick and Autumn nail colors.

Today I wanted to share my top five nail polishes for Autumn.

Before you say anything, yes I know they’re all Essie. It wasn’t intentional these just happen to be my five favorite Fall colors.



Although this could be a summer color, it is a bit darker than I like to go for, but it’s a perfect pinky red for Autumn.


This is the perfect Fall foliage red. It’s quite a dark red and it has an ever so slight purple tone to it. This is more of a dressy color,  in my opinion, it’s a little too dark for every day. I will often use a coat of a shimmer or sparkly polish over it for a full on glamicure.


I don’t tend to wear purple polishes that much, but this is such a gorgeous plum color, I love it for this time of year because my hands are cold with means they are pale making darker colors contrast nicely.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue just shouts PUMPKIN! I love this shade of orange because I love pumpkins, there is really nothing more to say.

Take Me To Thread 

This is one of the Essie Gal Couture polishes, and I need to get another bottle of top coat before I wear this again, but what a lovely purply gray! This is a great everyday color for me because it goes with everything.


Left/Right-Take Me To Thread/ Fifth Avenue/ Raspberry/A-List/ Watermelon


Please pardon my messy paint job.


Puting these colors all together makes me think of fallen leafs.

What are you favorite Fall colors?

Are you as excited as I am for Autumn?

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