8 Tried And Failed Skincare Products


I love skincare, I love skincare products, and I love finding new amazing products. For the most part, the products I have tried are been great, good and just not for me, in this post I will be talking about some of the ones that didn’t work for me.


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes

I had heard so many great things about these wipes that I thought for sure it was a risk-free purchase but as it turns out I was wrong. While these wipes didn’t give me any major problems, I found they didn’t work very well, I had to scrub quite hard to get my eye makeup off and once the makeup was off my skin stung and felt hot.



Garnier Clean Makeup-Removing Lotion Cleanser

I love lotion makeup removing cleansers in general but this one gave me some issues. This works alright as just a gentle cleanser if I wasn’t wearing any makeup but when it can to removing makeup I didn’t find it to work very well, it took some serious rubbing to get my mascara off and it irritated the skin around my eyes.


Trader Joe’s Facial Cleansing Oil

I had such high hopes for this cleansing oil, being the first of Trader Joe’s skincare products that I had tried. This gave me much of the same problems that the last two products did except worse, this really made the skin around my eyes, as well as my eyes themselves, burn and feel itchy.


BareMinerals Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

This one I just didn’t find to work very well, I would have to use three or four cotton pads to remove all of my makeup and I had to really rub to get my mascara off.



Sonoma Naturals Moroccan Rose Facial Mask

Everything about this mask sounded sweet and innocent, the ingredient included rosewater, which soothing and great for evening skin tone and green tea, which is an anti-inflammatory, plus its paraben, mineral oil, and cruelty-free. It all lovely right? Wrong! This sweet little mask gave me one of the worst reactions I have had to any skincare. The directions say to leave it on for five to twenty minutes so I left it on for ten, and before the time as quite up I began to feel some discomfort. It gave me some serious burning puffy red skin and it took a few hours before the redness started going down.


NIP+FAB Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

Now I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, at least I don’t think I do, but this mask did a number on my face. The direction says to leave it on for ten minutes, which I did, and when I went into the bathroom to wash it off what I saw wasn’t reduced pores and an even skin tone like promise, what I saw was puffy red skin that started to burn as soon as I started to rinse the mask off. It took about an hour for my skin to settle down to normal.


YesTo Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer

I have tried the tomato moisturizer and the cucumber moisturizer and this one is my least favorites. I have been using quite a bit over the summer because it’s the only moisturizer I have that has SPF, and with more frequent use I have discovered just how much I don’t like this product. It has a waxy, pasty feel on the skin and it smells like crayons.


Cake Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm

What it boils down to with this hand cream is the scent. I remind me of those food scented chapsticks I used to have when I was younger, that smell always turned my stomach. It’s a mix of cake batter cinnamon and plastic. As far as the cream itself goes it’s super moisturizing and softening, but it does leave my hands feeling a bit greasy which isn’t good because I rarely want to sit still and wait for it to soak in.

What skincare products haven’t worked for you?

Have you tried any of these?


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