Pixi Book Of Beauty Glow Getter Radiant Light Palette Review


Pixi is one of those brands that I have always been interested in but haven’t tried much from. This is because for one I don’t really like ordering makeup online and two there isn’t a store near me that sells them.

Last week I was poking around Marshalls and I found this little treasure for five dollars. Yes, you hear right FIVE DOLLARS! Now, this retails on the Pixi website for twenty-four, so I feel like I got a really good deal.


I actually have been interested in trying this particular palette for awhile, so I know the moment I saw it that is was meant to be.

The packaging is quite simple, the box it comes in is a light green color with gold details and all the normal how to use and ingredient one to back. The palette itself is the same light green color and made of cardboard, and is obviously designed to look like a book from the side and the back. That really is the only touch of whimsy this palette has to offer.


Despite the packaging being a tad bit boring, the powders themselves are the important part. There are six shades and they are each quite lovely.

The first one is a beautiful white highlight shade that’s not at all shimmery, but extremely glowing.

Number two looks like a darker pink in the pan but when swatched it is a beautiful champagne pink. It is very reflective and almost a little metallic.

Three is a gorgeous pearly off white that is super glowy and reflective.

The Fourth is a soft light pink shade that is very glowing with the slightest hint of shimmer.

Five is my personal favorite, it is a beautiful coppery gold color that leaves a lovely bronzey glow on the skin when applied.

Six is a soft shimmery peachy pink.


This has become my go to highlighter palette because it gives my a lovely subtle glow.

I don’t know if I would pay full price for this palette because it is quite small, but I would highly recommend it if you can find it on sale somewhere.


What are your thoughts on this palette?

Would you pay full price for it, or are you cheap like me?


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