July Ipsy Bag| Final Ipsy Unboxing



As you may have deduced from the title this is my last Ipsy Glam bag.

It has been a good run and I have really enjoyed this beauty subscription, but I just wasn’t up to spending the money on it anymore.  I will still have my Sephora Play! to unbox on A Sparkle Of Grace.

I will still have my Sephora Play! to unbox on A Sparkle Of Grace.


This month’s bag is one of my least favorite out of all the bags I have received. It is a yellow and white bag with the Gudecama on the front and back, with his face on the front and his backside on the other. Now I like cute little creatures as much if not more then the next girl but I don’t even find this cute, distasteful would be more of what I was thinking. The bag does feel well made but smells very strongly of vinyl.


The first thing in the bag is the card that tells about this months theme which is Over Easy.


So Susan Blanding Brush: I was playing around with this brush this morning and it seems really good. The bristles are quite stiff but still soft enough to blend comfortably.


OFRA Eyeshadow in Gold Rush: I have used OFRA’s shadows before and have found them to be really nice and very pigmented and this one look just as good, it is a beautiful shimmery copper shadow.


PURETEM PUREVERA Emulsion: I was going to use it this morning but I forgot, so I rubbed a little into the back of my hand. It has a thin milky texter and it a little more perfumed than I usually like for my skincare, but it seems really


Trifle Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple Ombre Radiance Blush Palette in Soft Ripple: This is supposed to be a blush palette, but I use it on my eyes yesterday and I thought is work really well. It has a light pink shade, peachy shade, and orange shade.


Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel: I have never used any of Tarte’s skincare products before so I was really excited to find this in my bag. I used this along with my charcoal soap to double cleanse last night and it did a beautiful job at removing my makeup.


Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel: This was an extra item that I added to my glam bag using the points I had built up since I started Ipsy. This is a body exfoliant and is meant to clarify the skin and give it a radiant shine.

Soft Ripple
Gold Rush

Thankfully this months bag wasn’t my favorite because it would have made it hard to say goodbye, but let’s face it, it will nice not to be overrun with makeup and skincare samples.

I am really excited about all of the product in this months bag and I know for sure I will be using them.

Which of these products would you be most excited about?


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3 thoughts on “July Ipsy Bag| Final Ipsy Unboxing

  1. The Tarte Cleansing Gel is really nicely packaged and I thought the bag is a little quirky, to say the least but isn’t really fitting for what was inside it haha!


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