Be…by BubzBeauty Review


Hello everyone,

Meet my new favorite eyeshadow palette.

I bought the palette a couple of weeks ago on a whim. I have never heard anything about the palette or Lindy Tsang for that matter. It is also my very first taste of BH Cosmetics, and I have to say my first impressions are favorable.


The packaging of the palette is really cute, it is a blush pink colors cardboard with silvery gold metallic detailing and lettering. On the inside lid there is a decent sized mirror, and the words “Be whatever you want to be”

The shadows pans are nicely nestled into a bed of rose gold colored cardboard, with the names of each written and happy white letters.


There are twelve shadows in this palette and each of them is lovely in there on right, but of course, I have my favorites


Starting with the first six shades, and swatching from right to left as per usual.

We have,


This is a glowy cream colored shade.


A beautiful pale pink shimmer.


A medium brown frosty shade.


A matte light brown.


A matte medium brown.


The bottom six are a bit more on the fun side, but can be dressed up or down depending on what you want,


A dark brown shimmer shade.


A gorgeous shimmery,  almost metallic shade


A reddish brown shadow with a slightly pearly finish.


A  stunning rose gold shimmer, again, on the edge of metallic.


A dark matte purple.


A beautiful cream colored shimmer.


A light glowy purple.

Just look at the darker shimmer shades. How gorgeous are they?

The pigmentation of these shadows is quite good, the shimmer shadows are a lot more pigmented than the more matte ones but I feel like that is normal.

In case you were wondering, my favorite shades are Charismatic Able and Hopeful.


Okay, the packaging is cute and the shadows are pretty, but believe it or not, it was the shadow names that was the major selling point for me. The names are all so sweet and innocent, which is something I really appreciate, it may seem like a small thing, but it really annoys me when a company thinks they have to give their makeup really weird names. I mean how great is when someone asks what eyeshadow you’re wearing and you can say ” Happy, Hopeful and a touch of Optimistic”

This palette has a lot of versatility, there is a good number of different look I have been able to get from it.  The only issue I have it that a couple of the shimmer shadows have some fallout, specifically  Hopeful. As I do my eye makeup first anyway it isn’t a big deal, but it might be something you would want to think about before purchasing.

Overall this is a great little palette is a winner, and for fourteen dollars I think its well worth adding to your makeup collection.

What are your thoughts of this palette?


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