In The Beginning: 10 Tips For Getting Your Blog Started


I have been blogging regularly for nearly four years now and I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of the whole thing. It seems like every time I sit down with my computer I learn something I didn’t know before, and maybe this one of the reasons I like it so much it that it never gets old.

Getting started was a hard thing for me, and in many ways I feel like I’m still guessing at everything.

That being said, I feel like I’ve learned so much over the last few years I should share a few of them with you.

Host: finding what platform to use for your blog will probably be the first question that will confront you when you’re setting up you blog. I starting blogging on Blogger then last December made the move to WordPress, which was one of the best blog related desitions I’ve made.

What website you use depends completely on what you want for your blogs like add-ons, design, monetization, and ease of upkeep.

Subject: Whether it be beauty, food, lifestyle or politics is completely up to you, and you don’t have to be tied down to a specific title, but you do need to pick a main category.

Title: Picking a blog name can be super stressful, you want something easy to remember, unique, and that represents you. Try to go for something classic. think of your blog like a child you want to name it something sweet and fun, but you also want it to be taken seriously when it applies to its dream job.

Think of your blog like a child you want to name it something sweet and fun while it’s young, but you also want it to be taken seriously when it applies for its dream job.

Image: Once you have picked a name, platform, and subject for your blog you need to decide what you want your image to be. How to you want to come across to your readers? Will you be direct or sarcastic? lighthearted or serious?

Designing you Blog: Depending on the platform you chose there will be different limitations on how much you can customize your blog.

There is no set rule how your blog should look but you want it to be attractive and memorable. I would recommend keeping it simple and light, stay away from tons of different fonts and colors.

Writing: Now that you have set up your lovely blog it’s time to add content! This can be the most exciting yet most terrifying part of the process so far, but unless you already have a big following there probably won’t be a lot of view on it. My very first post has an all-time low of 4 views.

What your first post about doesn’t really matter, it could be a 10 Things About me, Getting to Know Me, or you can just jump into the content you have planned.

Photography: This is arguably the most important thing about keeping an attractive blog. You want it to be clear, clean, and unique. Developing a photo style takes time and practice but is worth it all. When I a scrolling through Bloglovin or Instagram I can tell in an instant whether a photo it from MakeErinOver or “Ice Cream” Whispers Clara because they both have a beauty yet unique style.

Research: No matter what your subject matter is, you need to do your research because there’s nothing worse than getting things wrong when you but yourself forward as an authority. So, wether it when Flur De Force released her new lipstick or where Frank Sinatra was born, it doesn’t hurt to double check, even if you’re 99.9% sure of your facts.

Don’t Get InvolvedFrom time to time, you may encounter some unpleasantness in the blogging community, for the most part, everyone is pleasant and supportive but there’s always someone who takes issue with something.

Have FunThis is 100% the most important part of blogging( and yes I double checked). Write about what you enjoy and for goodness sake don’t take yourself too seriously.

I know that I am in no way an expert on this topic, these are just some of the thing I learned over the time I’ve been blogging and wished someone had told me in the beginning.

What are some of the things you wish you had known in the beginning?


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2 thoughts on “In The Beginning: 10 Tips For Getting Your Blog Started

  1. Agree about ‘don’t get involved’. I stay out of the unpleasantness on twitter as it just makes me sad. I find Instagram to be a much kinder happier space so I spend much more time there. These are all great tips as I am a bit of a newbie myself! 🙂


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