NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette


Who doesn’t like a good neutral eyeshadow palette?

I love them, in fact, they are the only kind I have.

NYX is becoming one of my favorite midrange cosmetic brands, there blushes, eyeshadow and primers are among the best I’ve used.

I found this palette about a month ago and picked it up because it looked like the perfect palette for me. My everyday eye makeup consists of these shades, so to have them all in one palette it ideal.


The packaging is quite simple and compact, other than that it’s a little boring. It’s mostly black with half the lid being see-through so you can see the shadows, and the word natural it printed on the other half in bold gold print and a smaller cursive font.


This palette includes six shadows, three matte, and three lightly shimmery ones.

The first shade it a basic creamy matte white shade. I always use a cream colored shadow as a base for the rest of my eye makeup so it always makes me happy when they include one in eye palettes.

The second is an off-white shimmer shade with little bits of glitter, this one is perfect for the inside corner of the lid where I like to have a brighter more highlighted look.

Number three is a pinky flesh colored matte shadow, this one isn’t my favorite but it’s good for evening out the color on the eyelid.

The fourth it a lovely pearly champagne color shimmer shade, but unlike the off-white shade, this one doesn’t have any glitter, just pure lovely shimmer.

Five it by far my favorite shade in this whole palette, it’s a beauty light pearly brown shade. I use this all along the crease.

And lastly there it a deep dark matte brown shadow. This one it perfect for adding a little extra depth to the outer crease.


This shadows all have a lovely soft smooth formula and feel comfortable on.  The pigmentation of these shadows is pretty good, it is a little different for each shadow but overall quite nice. As far as fallout goes, I haven’t seen any, but I do my eye makeup first so it wouldn’t be very noticeable.

My final thoughts of this palette are that it is perfect for everyday use, you can do a lovely light daytime look, and easily make it a little smoky. I believe that for the $7.49 that I paid that this is a great staple product.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

What is your current favorite eyeshadow palette?


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