A Closer Look At BareMinerals


BareMinerals has always been a brand that I have been interested in but used many of their products. So, when I found a set in TJ Maxx around Christmas time I just had to pick it up. The set included seven items, two brushes, two powders, and shadow, an eyeliner, and a mascara.


Lash Domination Mascara

The packaging of this mascara is eye-catching but not overdone, it’s in a sleek tube with a gradual silver to gold coloring and a swirl on the wand handle. The wand its self it very compact,  a Petite Precision Brush to be exact.

I have to admit to being a little disappointed in this mascara, the one thing it claims to do it volumize and I really don’t feel like to pull that one off. I feel like this is in part the fault of the wand, the size makes it hard for get the same amount of product on every lash.


Baseline Silky Cream Eyeliner in Deep Brown 

The packaging on all of these potted products is very much the same, except that the eyeliner is in a glass pot and not a plastic one like the rest.  All three are designed in the same style, a gold lid with silver leaves and gems on it.

In general, I prefer a felt tip liner, but on the rear occasion that I do use a cream or potted liner I chose this one.

The formula of this liner is a little different than the cream liners I’m used to, it’s almost more of a paste and less of a cream.The color is a beautiful deep brown not quite black shade.With the right brush and a little bit of patience, this is a great product.


Shadow Quickie Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Pewter

The design of the packaging is a little bit boring, it’s just a gold plastic tube with silver lettering.

I absolutely love this shadow stick, it’s perfect for when I’m in a rush or just can’t be bothered with multiple eyeshadow shades.

This is very creamy when applied and has a cooling feel on the eyelids. The shade it a gorgeous metallic pewter gold and is a beautifully pigmented shadow.


Absolute Indulgence Blush 

Like I said the these all look about the same, the sizes are all a little different and the two powder are in a sturdy plastic pot instead of glass.

This is a beautiful natural matte pink blush, it has almost a peachy color to it when swatched.

I haven’t used this one a lot because I don’t really like that it’s a loose powder blush. I find that it’s a lot harder to get an even application with a loose powder than with a pressed.


Diamond Light Mineral Veil Finishing Powder 

This is a lot more like a delicate highlighter than a setting powder, it has a light pink powder with pieces of glitters.

I tried using this as a finishing powder and it turned my face a shade of pale pink, so I definitely think it’s more of a blush or highlighter.


Left to Right  Pewter/Absolute Indulgence/ Deep Brown


Overall I am pleased with my introduction to BareMinerals, all of the products are good quality, and feel comfortable on. I was a little disappointed in the mascara, and I don’t feel like I will get a lot of use out of the powders.

What are you favorite BareMinerals product?


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