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As pretty much everybody knows photos are a very important thing when it comes to a blog, I would even dare to say as important as the content itself. I know for myself if a post doesn’t have pretty pictures I am far less likely to click on it let alone read it.I learned this back in The New Old Fashioned Girl days, so when I started up A Sparkle Of Grace I was determined to up my photography game, and I think I’m getting there slowly.

I am always on the lookout for things that I can use as props for the blog, PoshMark, and Ebay pictures, so I thought it would be fun to take you on a little tour of my prop box.


The first thing out of the box is this little Ring Light I got off of Amazon. This is more of a tool than I prop, but I keep them in the same place to save space. I haven’t used this half as much as I thought I would since I don’t really need to take selfies, maybe if I start doing makeup looks I will use it more.dsc_0060

These are also tools but hey, if you haven’t got good tools you don’t need nice props.These little darlings have revolutionized photo taking for me. I got both the iPhone adapter and Bluetooth shutter button are both on Amazon and came with my tripod.


I think we all know why I bought this, look at it, it’s just too gorgeous. I picked this up at TJ Maxx for twelve dollars if I remember properly. It’s quite a good sized makeup bag, and the marble pattern plus the little white pompom on the zipper made me fall in love with it instantly, it also goes really well with my marble backdrop.


What! Another fluffy thing? Why yes it is! This one is from Michael Kors, and it used to attach to my purse, but it broke off so now I just keep it around because I’m emotionally attached to it.


I  have no idea what this thing is called but it’s really cool! This is also from TJ Maxx and was on sale for $4.oo.


Then there is this little fox coin purse from Walmart, and yes I did actually use this one for awhile.


Well, this pretty much sums me up.


This Creme Shop makeup sponge was supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister(sorry sis! you can still have it if you want) but for some reason or other, I forgot to give it to her.


I got these little macaron jewelry boxes off of MyStyle back in the autumn  I don’t really use them for that because they’re so small. I do however think they add a cute girly touch to any flatly.


This is a string of faux pearls that is about eight feet long and separates into three different necklaces. Don’t wear this one much, mainly because of the length but now and then I will add them to a photo shoot.


How adorable are these?  I pick these cute shimmery pumpkin candles up back in the fall and couldn’t bring myself to light them because they are so adorable.


And last but definitely not least I have a bottle of Jumbo Glitter, this glitter is probably in 99% of my blog photos, and it wouldn’t be A Sparkle Of Grace without them.

Thats it for whats in my prop box!

What are your photography staples?


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