Papa Don’t Peach: Review


There has been a lot of talk in the blogging world lately about anything and everything peach, especially the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection. Now I love Too Faced, but I have never really been interested in any of the peach collection, that is until I saw this blush in person.

I walked into Sephora one Friday afternoon and was faced with the sweet peachy scent and adorable packaging of the Papa  Don’t Peach blush, well as you can probably tell it was love at first sight.


Too Faced wins big time on the packaging of this little darling. It comes it a cute little ombre peachy orange colored tin, with a happy blushing peach on the front. On the inside,there is quite a good sized mirror( which came with one of those fun covers), and another little peach of the right corner

The blush has both the peach design and the Papa Don’t Peach name imprinted on it. The blush itself it a beautiful light pinky peach shade with a touch of gold shimmer. This has a very highlighting quality to it that I really enjoy, it’s like a blush and highlighter in one.


I have heard quite a few people saying that the color didn’t go with their skin tone and I can definitely see that being a problem with darker skin tones, but for my pale face it’s that perfect touch of soft peach.

My final thoughts on this blush are that the shade it perfect for my fair skin, the smell it is amazing and I  can still smell it a little after I have been wearing it for an hour.Oh yes! did I mention that smells like peach candy? Well, it does and its the best thing ever.

I would highly recommend that you check this in person before you decide to get it because it is quite pricey and the shade can be wrong for some people.

Have you tried this blush?

What are your thoughts on it?


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