The Body Shop Body Sorbet

My local TJ Maxx has recently started carrying quite a lot of The Body Shop’s products, so as you might expect I have been buying quite a lot of them and have been nothing but impressed. From the Honeymania bubble bath melt to the Cocoa Butter Cream body scrub it has all been lovely, but one product that has really stood out to me is the Body Sorbets.


I’m not really sure why I like these so much, the only thing I can think of is that the formula is very different from any other moisturizer I have used in the past. It is a very light jelly-like formula that soaks into the skin beautifully.

Strawberry Sorbet

These are both very much the same except this one has cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and smells very much of strawberries. The scent of this one is very very sweet smell almost grape like.DSC_0075


Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

This one is made with cold-pressed grapefruit oil instead of strawberry oil.This one is by far my favorite, it smells so perfectly grapefruity and it feels so refreshing.


These both leave my skin feeling softened and refreshed, and they offer a unique twist to you everyday cream moisturizer.

Light disclaimer; one of these was stolen from my mom but I have every intention of returning it after I finish this post.

What are some of you favorite Body Shop products?



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