Fit And Fabulash! with Blonde Fashion Happy

Hey Everybody! 

Today’s post is one I have really been looking forward to putting up. It’s my first collab! Are you excited? I know I am!  This post is by the lovely Ashley. It has been great fun planning out these post, and she has been very forbearing when I had no Idea what I was doing. I did a post over on her blog too, so don’t forget to it a visit after reading this one.


Hey, My name is Ashley and I am the author of the blog Blonde Fashion Happy. One of my goals this year was to team up with another Blogger and do guest blog posts.

Anna to the rescue!

She is totally letting that happen and how exciting is this?!

Now speaking of Goals….. Well I am one of those New Years resolution people that it’s always I am going to lose weight….

Well… January was a test run for me and well actually a little bit of February has been too… I am happy to say though this week I have started slaying my goals.

I became a member of Beachbody and I am so glad I did. I found out they were having such an awesome deal and I took the offer!

Beachbody on demand I have all of their workouts at my fingertips!

I started the Country Heat program, which takes 30 days to complete. Coming from a dance background this one looked like the perfect one to get myself back into moving!

It’s crazy how quick time goes by when doing this workout. When I started, I was like on this is nice little warm up kind of exercise and then with 8 minutes left, I was Dying!

It was so funny cause you have no idea you really are working that much and well wake up the next day and Holy Guacamole!

That feel good sore burn takes over your whole body!

Now before you start the program they ask you to do your before and after pictures, measurements, and weight.

So I was a good girl and did… I don’t want to share them until the program is done so we can see the change!

Looking forward to that!

I am super excited!

Now, I know not to let myself get frustrated even if I don’t complete the program in the 30 days…

It’s all good!

I can do what I can and start over for the new month.

This whole process is to make me better then I was…


Last week…

Last month…

and Last year…

I’m not coming home taking care of Audrey ( my dog), then eating, and sitting on the couch.

I come home take care of Audrey, work out, shower, fix dinner and then sit on the couch!

So I am already proud of myself and I know this is going to make me even better!

Speaking of feeling so proud of myself…. my husband has come home and he is thinking I haven’t worked out because my makeup is still in place….

The power of Younique hunny! So Shut your trap!

I’m motivated to prove him wrong that I am not going to give up and eat sweets with him!

I want to know if you have done this Country Heat workout?

What did you like about it?

Are you interested in doing it?

If you are interested in following this journey with me then you can head on over to my blog

Blonde Fashion Happy

Look forward to hearing from you all!

❤ Ashley

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