Last Minute Valentine’s Treat


When I say last minute I really mean last minute. I was planning on making Some Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes, or maybe some Oreo pops, but since it has been snowing pretty much non-stop of the last four days we haven’t been able to get to the store for ingredients. In some ways, I love the idea of making do with what I have for ingredients around to the house, but in reality, it tends to stress me out a little.dsc_0123

What says happy Valentine’s Day like chocolate? Nothing really. And what makes chocolate that much more special? Making them yourself. Although I don’t know if this technically counts as homemade, or if it’s just modifying it. Either way, it’s quick it’s easy and it’s delicious.


What You Need:

Chocolate Chips 24 oz( I used dark chocolate)

Caramel Candy( I used Werther’s because their the best)

A Small Clean Paint Brush( or makeup brush)

Silicone Candy Molds

What To Do:

Put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave in fifteen-second intervals stirring in between each until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.

While the chocolate is melting chop the caramels in the sixths, or a proper size for your candy mold.

Once the Chocolate is melted take your little brush and apply a thin layer of chocolate to the bottom and sides of the molds. This will help prevent those funny looking bubbles in the finished product.

Then put the chocolate in a piping bag, and fill each of the molds half full.

Place a small piece of caramel to the center of each mold, then cover with chocolate and smooth over.

Place the molds in the refrigerator and let set for about an hour. Once the chocolates have completely hardened its time to remove them from the molds.


I divided these in half because I will be giving them to two of my favorite people. The way  I wrapped them is really simple, I took two sheets of glittery tissue paper and tied a ribbon around it.


Riley decided to give me a hand, but it turned out not to be the most helpful.





These came out way better than I could have hoped and I can’t wait to give them out tomorrow.

You can definitely substitute a different kind of candy for the centers if you wish, it just has to be small enough to fit. Also, 24 oz was the perfect amount for the three molds I had, but if you only want to use on you can half or quarter the amount of chocolate.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day!


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