January Favorites


I have been thinking about starting up a new monthly post. I have been doing monthly beauty and makeup favorites pretty faithfully for almost a little over a year now( counting my old blog) but have never attempted to do any other kind of favorites, and believe it or not my life isn’t completely made up of makeup.

I don’t know quite what to call this type of favorites post because it’s made up of everything, so it’s going to just be a monthly favorite and monthly beauty favorites.


Happy Street by Godzi Lab

I am one of those people that get’s bored with games really easily, but I always come back to this one. I have been playing it on and off for a number of years, but I started it up again a couple of weeks ago.

If you know me at all you will probably know that I love anything cute and whimsical. Happy Street is exactly that, its full of cute little characters, and hilarious quests.


Sparkly Necklace

Okay, so this did have a brand, but the tag has wandered off and I can’t be expected to remember everything can I. Anyways! I got this for Christmas from my Grammie, and have been loving it. I mean, it’s a sparkly statement necklace! What’s not to love.


Teatox Twist Original

Teatox Twist very generously sent me this tea, and I have to say I was a tiny bit scared of it. I don’t tend to like things that taste healthy if it says it’s healthy I probably won’t like it. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it does taste healthy, but not in a bad way, in fact, I quite enjoy it.

Life by Ryan Kelly

New flash! I love music! It’s to the point where silence makes me nervous. Well maybe not that bad, but I definitely can’t concentrate without it.

Like with all CDs there are one or two tracks on this album that I don’t particularly care for, that being said, this is an excellent album. My favorite tracks are American Dream, and Where I Belong.

Memory Lane by The High Kings

I have been a fan of The High Kings for a long time now, and this is my favorite of their albums, if you love Celtic music you will love this CD. The vocals and the instrumentation in this one are beautiful.

Shaun The Sheep

I don’t think it matters how old you are, if you don’t like Shaun The Sheep I don’t know if I can trust you(Just kidding……actually I’m not). We have been binge watching them lately, and I really think it’s the best show ever.

Cashew Cookie Larabars

I have been on this crazy elimination diet lately, and these have been lifesavers. I have tried the coconut cream pie, apple pie, and cappuccino flavors,  and believe me the cashew cookie are the best.

Well, that’s it for things I have been enjoying this month. I hope you all have a fabulous February.


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