DIY Coffee Face Mask


As a coffee lover, I obviously love anything coffee, and that includes skincare. Back in October, I started using the Lush Cup O’ Coffee face mask, and as you would expect I really really liked it, but as it is over an hour to the nearest Lush, and it was what twenty something dollar, I started to wonder if I could make something similar from home.

This is what I came up with, it’s not exactly like the Lush one, but that is to be expected since I couldn’t get my hands on all of the ingredients


What You Need:

1/4 Cup Agave

1/2 Cup Ground Coffee

8 Drops Tea Tree Oil

3-6 Drops Eucalyptus Oil

1 Small Mason Jar with lid







In a small bowl stir together the agave and the ground coffee, you may need to add more or less coffee depending on the thickness you want your mask to be. I used a tiny bit under 1/2 cup.

Then add the tea tree oil and the eucalyptus oil, and stir together.

Spoon the mask into a clean jar, and you’re done!


I love this mask for in the morning, you can leave it on for anywhere from five-ten minutes. Not only it this mask super easy to make, and small amazing, but it has really good benefits for your skin. Caffeine has anti- inflammatory properties, can reduce the appearance of dark circles and just plan wake up your skin. Tea tree is a great treatment for acne, with its antibacterial and oil fighting qualities. Eucalyptus oil also has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory qualities, but my favorite thing about it is the cool fresh feeling it leaves behind.

What is your favorite face mask?

Would you try this one?



3 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Face Mask

  1. I don’t have a favorite recipe for a natural face mask but I usually make a homemade scrub using honey and sugar. The results are amazing on my skin and since I discovered this, I stopped buying scrubs!



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