Blush Palette Goddess


Am I the only one that didn’t know Ulta carried Makeup Revolution? or did they just start? I had been wanting to try Revolution’s stuff for quite a while, when I came a cross their stand in Ulta. I had already picked out quite a few things from other brands so I didn’t buy a ton of stuff from Revolution. I bought a lipstick and this palette.


Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Goddess

I am absolutely in love with this palette! I have been using it pretty much every day.

The packaging is less than impressive, its got that kind of lid that I’m destined to break at any moment. The writing is also not the best and it already starting to wear away.

This palette contains eight shades, four baked highlighters, and four pressed powder blushes.



These are all super glowy and beautiful.

The first one is a cool, light pink with light shimmer.

The second has bit more of a purple touch to it. This one is my favorite of the four.

The third one is my second favorite, it’s very sunny with yellowy tones. This is the most pigmented of the four too.

The fourth is very pigmented but a lot less shimmery, I would call it a matte.



The blushes are all beautifully pigmented, and very soft. These are all matte.

The first one is a really light coral shade, I would call it peach.

The second is my favorite of the four. It is very like the first, except it has a pinker tone to it.

This one is pink, there is no coral, or any other color about, just a light baby pink.

The last one is a beautiful rosy shade. It is a bit darker than I would normally go for, but on a occasion I will reach for this one


Despite the quality of the packaging, and that I might not use one of the blushes much, I  couldn’t be happier with this palette. I think it was will worth the $10.00.

I would whole heartedly recommend the to anyone, especially if you want good quality, but not the high price.

What are you thoughts on this palette?

2 thoughts on “Blush Palette Goddess

  1. What a beautiful palette! I’d get a lot of use out of this. I haven’t tried many MUR products but I’m so glad Ulta is carrying them! I spent double the price of a palette just to ship one from the UK lol

    Beauty From Katie


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